Tuesday, November 29, 2011

FAR BIZZAR: Gift Exchange

FAR BIZZAR: Gift Exchange
The Twelfth Floor Gallery

L.A. Mart 1933 S. Broadway Ave, Los Angeles, Ca. 90007

Opening: Friday December 16th, 7pm to 10:30pm.

Foundation for Art Resources presents FAR BIZZAR: Gift Exchange. This is a one-night only show for artists by artists about trading work with other artists. Every artist has a piece of work in their studio that calls out to have a home in another artists personal collection where it can be enjoyed as a little piece of wonderful. Come blow the dust out of your studio for the new year and trade pieces with other artists in the community all night long. For this open call of FAR BIZZAR bring your wildest, off beat studio projects – pieces that you’ve hidden away from the light of day wondering if it even qualifies as art! All mediums welcome – conceptual, text art, painting, photography, whatever – trade performances if possible! Even just trade ideas about art written down on a piece of paper if you aren’t a studio producer.

No work will be refused! No entrance fees! No suggested donations! No registration! No one to contact in advance! Show up with art, as much or as little as you would like to trade in a single night, and bring what you need to install. (Basic hammer and nails will be provided upon request). Come early and stay late until everyone goes home happy. In keeping with holiday spirit no money will be exchanged this evening, only art, hugs and good cheer. The more the merrier! Hot coca, egg nog and open bar all night long.


Upon arrival everyone gets a number, a name tag and a pen to write with.

7-9pm: Artists arrive and hag, stack, lean or otherwise inform people about what work they have to trade. All works will be numbered coming in the door.

9-10pm: Artists write their name next to all the pieces they are interested in trading with.

10-10:30pm: Open trading begins. Approach whoever you want to trade with and see if they want to trade up! Unlimited trading all night long!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

who the hell is doug?

found doug. met doug.

When I first heard of this show, I was in board meeting with FAR. Everyone at the table was talking about a chain letter and a person named Doug.

Did you get the invite?

Email Doug.

No, don't email Doug.

It's carmageddon.

Okay yes, email Doug.

I had not checked my email that morning to see the very invite they were talking about. Obviously, I had no clue as to what they were walking about. So the only question in my mind at the time was, who the hell is Doug?

That entire conversation was the sole premise of my piece for Chain Letter. Despite how connected and small the world is now with technology moving at twitter speed, we are all still, somehow, disconnected.

It was never my intention to vandalize Bertamot, but waiting in line to install got me wanting to ask people if they knew Doug. So while I was plastering Bergamot with generic Helvetica post cards and offending orange duct tape, I realized that only a couple of people knew Doug and only a hand full have actually met Doug in person.

I was plastering this particular piece on the pavement that I met Doug. He kind of just took me out of my plastering trance and said, I'm Doug.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chain Letter

Chain Letter is a group exhibition based on admiration. Initially conceived by Christian Cummings and Doug Harvey in 2006, inclusion in the exhibition is based on invitation by someone who admires your work. Each artist invited then invites ten other artists whom they admire, and so on. This email invite will circulate for thirty days, at the end of which each artist will install their own work on the floor at Shoshana Wayne Gallery.

This exhibition is rooted in the ideals of inclusion, and highlights the social nature of the art world. It is the hope of the curators that the response will be vast and that the artists represented will be an exponential representation of all artists that are currently working and admired by their peers.

Chain Letter mimics communication today; and the way in which information is passed. The outcome will be a testament to the power of connectivity within society at present.
but my question is... who the hell is doug?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A fat lady in a fur coat was indignant that the girl's defiant posture somehow suggested a cabaret dancer perched among champagne glasses, but a dancer with the face of such severe arrogant calm, that the lady wondered whether she was really thinking of a cabaret table or a pedestal.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Measuring The Distance At Which We Can No Longer Hear Each Other

When Tony and I collaborated on this art piece back in 2007, we thought we were measuring the acoustics of the desert. I asked him to hold one end of a piece of twine, and then walk into the landscape until we could no longer hear each other. Today I realize there are many distances at which people can no longer hear each other. there are voluntary distances, theoretical distances, the distances of ignorance and forgetfulness. There are geo-political distances that separate families and loved ones on each side of national boundaries; and for Tony and I, there remains the unfathomable distance of death, at which we will no longer be able to hear each other.

excerpt from Caroline Maxwell's Measuring The Distance At Which We Can No Longer Hear Each Other for S.O.S. at D-Block Projects.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


D-Block Gallery
March 5 – 26
Reception March 12, 6-9 pm

S.O.S. is a group traveling art exhibition showcasing artists from the states of Arizona and California programmed for display in the downtown areas of Long Beach, CA and Phoenix, AZ. Fostering a relationship between neighboring states whose recent political disagreements stemming from legislation of Prop 1070, the exhibition seeks to explore the issues of personal and political identity, citizenship and the effects of media.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

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